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Calvin and Hobbes Grow Up to Be Super Spies

Fast cars and fast trigger fingers: that’s to M.O. for Secret Agents Calvin and Hobbes. And they’ll need to stay a step ahead if they’re to foil the world domination plots of the nefarious Dr. (Evil) Robin and his mysterious … Continue reading

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Calvin and Hobbes: 25 Years Later

Webcomic Pants Are Overrated creates this spot on spiritual successor to Calvin and Hobbes with a grown up Calvin. A flood of old feelings come back. Hope Waterson is OK with this. Continue reading

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Commodore Putting Out New 64, Same Old Look

Yes, this is a modern machine with 1.8 gigahertz dual processors, an optional Blu-ray player, built-in ethernet and HDMI ports. And yes, it looks just like the Commodore 64 of 1982. That sound you heard was that of 1,000,000 simultaneous geek boners. Continue reading

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