A Look at Conquer Everything

Here’s an an exclusive look at my up coming book, Conquer Everything: Simple Ways to Become Better Than and/or Destroy Everyone Else.

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“Welcome to the first day of the end of your sad, non-conquering life.”

A Story So Sad You Will Barf with Grief. My Story.

Conquer Everything: Table of Contents!

Chapter Excerpt: Conquer Sex! (Learn all three positions!)

Chapter Excerpt: Conquer the Best Seller List! (Get rich writing a bestselling book just like this one.)

Chapter Excerpt: Conquer Old People! (They’re our greatest resource. Let’s burn them for energy!)

Chapter Excerpt: Conquer Religion! (Or, something to do with your Sundays when it’s not football season.)

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  2. MEAT Clown Approved!

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