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New Cracked Article: 9 Beloved Characters Made Horrifying By Japan

Japan can take apart other people’s inventions, like radios or TV sets, and put them back together better, cheaper and likely in the shape of Hello Kitty. However, the Japanese skill for reverse engineering works less well when it comes to reconfiguring our beloved pop culture icons. Continue reading

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How to Write the Next Twilight, Stephen King Book or Critically Acclaimed Novel

Everyone wants to write the next blockbuster book series. And it’s easy to see why; authors such as Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown have proven all it takes is a fifth-grade reading level and an utter contempt for your audience to hit pay dirt. So let’s get started, and by “started” I don’t mean enroll in a prestigious creative writing institution. Writers are doers, not learners. If college was for people who do things they’d call it “Do-llege.” You don’t need college. All you need are these simple tips: Continue reading

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