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Mental Floss – 5 Horror Movies Starring Inanimate Objects

My newest article on Mental Floss in which we discuss the horrors of Man Eating beds and Refrigerators possessed by the DEVILLLLLLLLL! Also, Stephen King was kind of a hack during his coke-binging days (“Coke” is a the street term … Continue reading

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How to Write the Next Twilight, Stephen King Book or Critically Acclaimed Novel

Everyone wants to write the next blockbuster book series. And it’s easy to see why; authors such as Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown have proven all it takes is a fifth-grade reading level and an utter contempt for your audience to hit pay dirt. So let’s get started, and by “started” I don’t mean enroll in a prestigious creative writing institution. Writers are doers, not learners. If college was for people who do things they’d call it “Do-llege.” You don’t need college. All you need are these simple tips: Continue reading

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How I Write – a drunken, violent, yelling-filled guide to the aspiring writer

How much muse (alcohol) is enough muse? That’s particular to each individual writer, but as a rule of thumb I find once I start “losing time” the creative pump is adequately primed. What happens next is the magic of the craft. No writer can truly tell you what happens once they “get into the zone” but I can tell you I usually wake up in my underwear, shivering under my writer’s cot, my fists clutching glow wand and lottery tickets. Continue reading

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