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At Last, The First Black Batman

I want to go on record and say I thought Lawrence Fishburn should have been cast as Batman after I saw the movie Event Horizon 14 years ago. Of course his whole zen blowhard kick in the Matrix sequels ruined … Continue reading

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Superman Smokes, Cleans a Toilet

Photographer Gregg Segal put together a great photo gallery of Superhero Impersonators who work the Hollywood Strip. Here are the superheroes at home. It’s not always pretty. Source: Buzzfeed

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New Batmobile is a Bobsled

Looks like someone took the KITT car, smashed it up with a Manta Ray and put it through the Taffy Puller. For the look of this flying torpedo, I hope it’s fast, because turning is going to be murder (or perhaps just not an available option on this model). Continue reading

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How Heroes Are Made

@MySonIsWeird DALTON: “How do people become good guys? ME: “Different ways. How did you become one?” DALTON: “My parents died on a trapeze.”

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