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Steve Jobs: Dead at 56

Steve Jobs died today of pancreatic cancer in an undisclosed location. There’s a “he’s in the cloud now” joke there somewhere, but I don’t have the heart. Continue reading

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Facebook Caught Using Evil Tricks on Google

facebook launches a secret smear campaign against google. Continue reading

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AOL Buys Huffington Post

Oh, so this is how the Internet dies. With a big check. Continue reading

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Introducing the World’s First Strip Club/Used Car Lot Hybrid

And since the car inventory is in the lot behind the building, I guess the saying should go, “Party up front; business in the rear.” Make of that phrase what you will. Continue reading

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Best/Worst Campaign Ad Ever – Carly Fiorina’s Laser Sheep

The sheep, oh the sheep. Especially the one with the laser eyes. What is happening in this spot? Continue reading

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5 Clothing Innovations That Will be Annoying You Soon

There are certain inventions that really don’t evolve, and most clothing falls into that category. Sure, styles and fabrics change, but the shirt has been using the same basic design for centuries. A hunk of fabric with holes for your arms and head. It works just fine.

But the world is full of designers and inventors who need to pay the bills, and so they are busy trying to apply the latest technology to items of clothing that really, really don’t need it. Here are the awful fruits of their labors. Continue reading

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A Special Environmental Message from Mr. T

Hey sucka. That’s right, this is Mr. T. Yeah, I still exist. Mr. T’s taking a break from pitying fools and looking for paying work to yell at you about sustainability. What, you don’t think Mr. T knows about sustainability? Then you don’t know Mr. T. Here is some other stuff you don’t know about Mr. T:

• Many folk believe Mr. T’s name “B.A.” on the A-Team stands for Bad Attitude. It doesn’t. It stands for “Bees and Ants.” Mr. T thought his character should have the secret power to control bees and ants. NBC didn’t go for it, which is why Mr. T thinks NBC stands for “Never Be Considering” Mr. T’s suggestions. Continue reading

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