Steve from Blue’s Clues Dates a Playboy Model

Fun with Cole on Twitter

No, seriously. A true story from the real guy who played “Steve”, Steve Burns, on Blue’s Clues on how to parlay Nick Jr. fame into banging Playboy Models, poorly. These days Steve looks like David Cross and sounds Marc Maron. Great story. Watch the video.

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16 Responses to Steve from Blue’s Clues Dates a Playboy Model

  1. WoodyWoodpecker says:

    Dump a Playboy Model…….LIKE A BOSS!.

  2. Jessica says:

    I still love you Steve. My son grew up a huge fan of Blue’s Clues and a bigger fan of you. Your story was sweet and touching and very funny. It made me look up to you as well. I hope to see you on the screen again soon and wish you great luck with your music and life.PS- You’re worth more than any ditz who keeps her brains in her boobs. Well played! 🙂

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  4. Ryan says:

    This was fantastic! A true HUMAN being man, didn’t get sucked into any of the crap that comes with the camera. New found respect for Steve Burns + 10

  5. dude says:


  6. evsumofficial says:

    Not bad… 😀

  7. J says:

    Steve Burns is also a great musician. His album songs for dustmites was made with members of the flaming lips.

  8. Cakesapoppin says:

    So she turned out to be completely shallow and boring…, who would have thought that?

  9. Gustavo says:

    The ending shift from Balloonies to Make-a-Wish is a little hurried, but it’s an epic story nonetheless. Great guy, he’s pretty cool. Wonder what he does now.

  10. Cagey Joe says:

    He looks like Buster from Arrested Development. I wonder if he ever went to Army.

  11. asdf says:

    False advertising.

  12. jswanson says:

    Outstanding! Steve seems like the coolest guy ever.

  13. OG. says:

    Nice twist.

  14. says:

    Wonderfully told. Funny. Touching. Humble.

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  16. Yuna says:

    I know were he lives

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