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Matthew McConaughey To Star in AIDS Movie???

Don't worry, y'all. I found this T cell.Don’t worry, y’all. I found this T cell.

Professional shirtless bongo player Matthew McConaughey is the latest Hollywood leading man attached to Dallas Buyer’s Club, a drama centering around a protagonist with AIDS. Make me a batch of frownies, LA Times:

The movie tells of Ron Woodroof, a heterosexual Dallas electrician who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, during some of the darkest days of the disease. Doctors gave him just a few months to live, but he refused to accept their prognosis. Instead, Woodroof created a smuggling operation for alternative treatments, then illegal, and got them into the hands of as many AIDS patients as he could. He wound up living six more years and saved or prolonged the lives of countless others.

Jesus, that guy sounds awesome. He was dying of AIDS and was STILL smuggling illegal drugs across the border and getting them to other patients like some sort of modern day, sickly Robin Hood? Yeesh. In a related story, one time I wrote a paper when I had a sinus infection. WHERE’S MY BIOPIC, TINSELTOWN?!


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