Disney’s Menstruation Education Video from the 40’s

Walt Disney shrinks to microscopic size and pilots a mini sub on a light-hearted journey through the rides and attractions inside Annette Funnicello’s body. No, actually this is just a typically Disney-looking short film on some very atypical Disney material, maturing lady parts. If you ask me, this needed a lot more Daffy Duck.

Takeaways from this video:

“Cramps can bring you down. Stop your crying and go ride your pony!”

“Stop being constipated or you’ll upset your lady parts.”

“You can’t take hot showers while menstruating.”

“Would you just do yourself up at last so at least the WHOLE WORLD doesn’t have to know you’re menstruating! Those sweat pants might as well be a billboard saying, ‘I’m dirty on the inside.’ And that’s no way for a lady to behave.”

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2 Responses to Disney’s Menstruation Education Video from the 40’s

  1. Ed says:

    Hey, Cole!

    I REALLY love your humor and I think you’re awesome, but either you missed the point in this rather educational and beautiful video or you’ve finally managed to be not that funny. It was actually very well done and pretty much the opposite of your observations (in which I just couldn’t sense the sarcasm). Maybe you watched it in a bad mood, or sleepy, or something, but it pretty much emphasizes to use common sense and avoid extremes, like extreme movement (riding a horse), extreme temperatures (showering in water that’s too cold or hot), and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle (to prevent ailments like constipation) during menstruation. From your comments I expected something very chauvinistic, sexist, and backward from olden times of dark ignorance. But this was a beautiful, respectful video that showed nothing but sense and good will. I actually liked it. =D


  2. coastalgal says:

    I agree with Ed, except for perhaps that last point about getting over yourself. True a good mental attitude is important in that time of the month, but it left those who truly have challenging symptoms to feel like a sissy or “less” than a woman. But I take into consideration the era this was made. As much is wrong with society now, I celebrate the more accepting veiw of women as being people with feelings and not cookie cutter perfection.

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