Secrets to the Next Superman Revealed

David Goyer, screenwriter of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the upcoming Superman reboot, wrote recently that he’s taking inspiration for his version of Kal-El his friends just call him “Kal”) from Geoff John’s graphic novel Superman: Secret Origins. I’ll have to have one of my nerd friends decipher to me what this means (just kidding nerds, please don’t hack my blog) but I guess this gives us a pretty good idea of where the Christopher Nolan guided, Zack Snyder directed Superman film will go.

Personally, I find Superman to be one of the most super boring superheroes ever, but I see great potential for the character and I trust Christopher Nolan with my newborn child. The idea of Superman’s alieness, his need to belong, that stuff Bill said in Kill Bill…it all points to an intriguingly troubled character. On the other hand, we’ve already got Nolan’s Batman. Do we need another brooding tights enthusiast? Can Nolan/Snyder pull off an irony-free, sparkly and optimistic Superman any better than Christopher Reeves did?

So who’s read Secret Origins? Is this good news?

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