Hey, A Racist Kid’s Show for Racist Kids!

This kid is really threatened by the racial diversity (i.e. white persecution) exhibited in the movie Marmaduke. You know, that movie about dogs. Very preachy, that Marmaduke. And boy, does Marmaduke hate WHITE KIDS (not white people, because this is a show for white KIDZ. (KIDZ RULE!!!) “Get it, racist dad! Get out of my room/den of intolerance! I’m trying to make a racist web show, just like iCarly. Racist parents just don’t understand, amiright white kid brethren? Jeez!”)

This video comes from WhitePride.TV which is something I’m only just learning about which is good because I really didn’t need to know about it any longer than I already now do.

My favorite part, how the kid can’t pronounce his “r”s. Some Jr. Master Race. Get yer shit together whitey and represent. The Jews and Hispanics are watching (the Jews and Hispanics are not watching).

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4 Responses to Hey, A Racist Kid’s Show for Racist Kids!

  1. livisonpdc says:

    No comments

  2. As a recording artist I fully believe in freedom speech — what I don’t believe in is the freedom of two stupid people (of any race) procreating and bringing more stupid people into this world. It’s just bad for the evironment.



  3. A hispanic watched/read this! I found it quite stupid that he was taking a little kids movie and blowing it out of proportion into something “racist”. Every race does this. But still. Come on.

  4. rachel says:

    this kid is weewy good at weading wowds.

    at first, i thought he was trying to work up a really bad english accent, ha!

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