Brilliant Business Idea: Jamba Juice…with BOOZE!

My new entrepreneurial idea is so powerful it’ll make your wiener explode! Or fall off. Or fall off then explode. I really don’t have control over that part. All I have is the business idea of the CENTURY!!!!

The Plan: Simple. I stand outside of a Jamba Juice and as people exit with their healthy smoothies I offered them a shot of either vodka or rum, just $2 a pop. Jamba Juice gives you the soy-B-vitamin-immunity boost; I toss in the Joy Boost.

And the name of my business:

Jamba Joose.

That little pop you just heard in your head is a stroke. A stoke of awesomeness. (Awesomeness aside, you definitely should seek medical attention.)

The Problem: admittedly, this is not so much a business as it is just me standing outside Jamba Juice with a fifth of liquor in either hand. Also, not sure how close to the entrance Jamba Juice will actually allow me to operate. Also, not sure about the legality of offering liquor in mini mall parking lots.

Solution! Rent/Buy a limo (this is where your seed money can make the difference. If I can raise $5 from each of my Facebook friends, the Limo is ours), invite Jamba customers into the limo and…wait, I’m giving my entire business plan away. If you want to hear more, just send $5 to my PayPal account. I also accept Camel Bucks.

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