Mel Gibson: Master of (Crappy) Disguise

Celebrity disguises have become a recent obsession of mine, because they’re so damn good! It stands to reason, after years, even decades, in make-up trailers, of course a star like Mel Gibson would be a skilled master of disguise. The wacky mustache, the hat, the weight gain (that’s commitment to a disguise). And GLASSES! Works for Clark Kent, right? It’s impeccable, except for the part that you immediately recognize it’s Mel Gibson looking like an asshole. It’s like some middle schooler broke into the drama department prop closet.

The best part is not the disguise itself, but the fact Mel Gibson must wear a disguise not because of his immense celebrity, but because he must hide from his intense racism, sexism and general awful human beingness.

Kudos, Mel! You’ve taken a bit of spirit gum and somehow made your vicious, abhorrent soul disappear!

P.S. Stop dressing like my equally racist grandfather Mel.

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