These 80’s Wendy’s Training Videos Will Shake Your Ass

If there is anyone in the room who hasn’t had a crappy high school job (or beyond) raise your hand. You, oh, GET OUT! You little spoon fed turd face. The rest of us never had it so lucky. We all had that job with the hairnet, or chicken costume, or the one where you’re entire uniform was made outta of paper (you know). Anywho, the best (worst) part of all these jobs was when your trainer led you to a grime coated closet called a “break room,” set up a 10″ tv with VCR and had you watch horrible, soul crushing training videos.

But back in the 80’s the Wendy’s Square Meat corporation had a different idea, and decided to educate their future employees on the finer arts of chili portioning through music videos.

You are gonna be soooo mad you didn’t work at a Wendy’s back in the 80’s after this.

PS: Do you remember that Wendy’s used to have salad bars? What the shit was that all about

thanks Best Week Ever

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