America hates Scott Pilgrim, the box office has spoken

So Scott Pilgrim got beat HARD at the box office this weekend. Now I understand that Sylvester Stallone’s Elderly Fight Club took the top spot, because the elderly haven’t had anything to root for since Denny’s rolled back Early Bird specials an hour. But this also means the visually-dazzling, painfully clever Scott got beat out by the true story of an overprivileged white woman, played by the formerly famous actress Giant Teeth, going on a vision quest/first class cruise to foreign lands where the annual salary is three dollars and a kick in the groin.

For my part, I offered the movie theater where I saw Scott 25 million dollars for my ticket to help get him over the hump, but the manager said they’d only accept cash. I didn’t have that much on me I’ll punch a rabbit in the heart before I’ll pay ATM fees.

It must be the Canadian-ess of the film that drove Americans away in waves. Expect the normally cozy Canada-US relationship to break down over this slight.

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