Betty White with A Flaming Chainsaw on a John Ritter Centaur

Our favorite Batman Vs. Shark Portland artist, Andrew Zubko, is at it again. A local alt. weekly, The Portland Mercury, asked readers to vote on this week’s cover and they chose Betty White, holding a flaming chainsaw, riding a John Ritter Centaur. Obviously. And the Merc asked Mr. Zubko to summon it into reality. What can’t this man do?

also, make sure to check out this interview between Zubko and the kid who inspired the Batman art. Example of a brilliant exchange:

Q: What do you think Batman is thinking while he’s fighting the shark?

Asher: He is thinking that he is wishing the shark would be dead. Batman is also thinking about his dead parents while he is fighting the shark. He would think about his parents because….uhhh let me think in my head, just give me time….uhhhh. He is thinking about killing the criminal that killed his parents.

Q: How would you make this painting better?

Asher: You could put Joker right on top of the sharks nose with a sword and his mom and dads heads in Jokers hands.

Of course! Joker should carry the heads of Bruce Wayne’s deads parents around. It’s like BatKryptonite. That’ll get his whiny, orphaned Bat Goat.

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