Best/Worst Campaign Ad Ever – Carly Fiorina’s Laser Sheep

The sheep, oh the sheep. Especially the one with the laser eyes. What is happening in this spot? It looks like someone dropped photoshop down the stairs and then rubbed it with Ecstacy. Who are the sheep? Are we the sheep? This political ad gives me the strong impression I’m supposed to kill sheep.  First one who correctly guesses what this ad is about gets my pristine collection of vintage Peanuts cartoons collectible glasses from McDonald’s. Or you get to slap my ass. The choice is yours. (P.S. the political ad is for a woman who used to run Hewlett Packard!)

Bonus question: the ad says, “leaving him only one way to fall.” Is there another way to fall? You could fall sideways but I think that’s called “flying.”

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