Clash of the Titans Tag-line: The Future of Advertising?

clash of the titans ab111309

Will you remember where you were the day the world changed? No not when a free and bountiful energy source was found. Not when we cured AIDS (well actually we didn’t cure it, we just tweaked it so now when you get AIDS all that happens is you gain the power to shoot laser beams out of your genitals!) We’re talking a real earth shattering, epochal event. Well, pull up your pants and take a seat, because that day is today, for today is the day movie advertising got REAL!

The trailer for the new Clash of the Titans is out there and while it basically looks like the Prince of Persia trailer without sand monsters, it’s at the end the revolution begins. The music swells, the editing starts jumping faster and faster, our hearts beat harder, preparing for the three bold words that will sell us on this cinematic experience. Then they hit.

In case you didn’t have an opportunity to check out that video, here’s what you missed.




At first glance, this may seem ridiculous. Why do you need to be told that titans will clash?  The name of the damn movie is Clash of the Titans. The clashing is kind of a given. But thinking like that, my friends, is underthinking what’s happening here. Do you see what’s happening here? No, you don’t, that’s why I’m explaining it to you. So buckle up.

Hollywood has given up bullshit. From now on you’re only getting the unvarnished truth from movie trailers. After all, if there is one thing a movie titled Clash of the Titans can promise it’s that some if not all of said Titans will be participating in some sort of clashing activity. I mentioned that earlier, albeit in a different way. Titans. Clashing. That shit is going down. You know how I know? The title of the movie says so. But so does the trailer. Because sometimes, you just need to drive your point home with brute, condescending force.

And this got me thinking of how this new “in-your-face” honesty could be used to improve older movies.  Check it.

forrest gump poster ab111309

casablanca movie poster ab111309 Clash of the Titans Tag line: The Future of Advertising?crying game movie poster ab111309

twilight_movie_poster ab111309

there will be blood ab111309 Clash of the Titans Tag line: The Future of Advertising?

million_dollar_poster ab111309

crash ab111309

jp3 ab 111309

Citizenkaneab111309 Clash of the Titans Tag line: The Future of Advertising?

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